When we are following a weight loss, stomach fat busting or healthy eating plan it is impossible to be good all of the time and it is very common to fall off the wagon. But when we do slip up on our weight loss plans it can feel like a semi disaster and it sends many mums into panic and “I have failed’ mode.

However, falling off the wagon does not mean you have failed in your attempt to lose weight – it just means you are human and have hit a little hurdle. When we were little and fell off our bikes our parents taught us to get back on and perfect our riding skills and it is the exact same scenario when you are losing weight.

The key is to learn from your mistakes and understand what made you fall off the wagon and be better prepared to deal with it if it happens again.

A point to note too is that it is inevitable that when our hormones fluctuate that the call of sugar or just about any type of food takes place and the issue here is that if you have any unhealthy or junk foods in the house that you will eat it at this time as your will power is very low! So make sure you beat the sugar cravings by having lots of healthy foods in the house – so when you are in the ‘I am going to eat everything in site’ mode that you don’t do too much damage to your weight loss and stomach fat busting campaign.

I like to think that every 4 weeks we will have one bad week and three good weeks. And by knowing this we can plan for the bad week. It is also key to note that some weeks you won’t have any weight loss which is due to body fluctuations and hormones.
Also – if you are getting down to your last 5kg of weight loss then you might need to take some extra steps as the weight loss becomes harder.

So think of everything you go through on your weight loss campaign as a journey and learn every step of the way – and don’t be too hard on yourself if you are less than perfect and instead aim for living a healthy and balanced life where the weight loss will be a by product.