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In late 2013–2014, I lived in isolation for 9 months. I did that because I was abused emotionally and mentally by a person in my apartment building, and other people I knew had deliberately lied to me one after another. So I spent time alone in my apartment. I didn't want to be around anybody, and wanted to be left alone.

By the 9th month, my ears started to hurt. I wanted to hear someone else’s voice besides mine. I grew very depressed and lonely. I longed for a hug from anybody. I came out of my apartment and talked to a neighbor who was considered a last resort. I didn't like her that much, but I was desperate for someone to talk to. So I talked to her. I don't remember all what she said, except she kept quoting long scriptures she memorized. I eventually felt better and retreated to my home.

I slowly came out of my shell and found some other people to talk to.

I can understand people who live in isolation in prison and have the Internet as the only human contact possible, and no one else to talk to. It could drive them crazy and make them long for human contact.

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