Alcoholism can cause serious problems in one’s personal as well as the socio-economic aspects of his/her life too. Moreover, alcohol also causes a lot of health issues that are best to avoid for a long and fulfilling life. After all too much of anything is not good for a healthy life as they say excesses should always be avoided. Yet with everything said and done it has to be accepted that it is extremely difficult for a habitual drunker to quit alcohol.

So, here are some steps that may help in quitting alcohol:

Consult a doctor

It is always mandatory to consult a doctor before quitting alcohol as many people may not be aware that alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very serious and severe at times especially if you are addicted to it in a major way. The symptoms can become critical and need immediate medical assistance.

Have a good reason to quit

Nowadays, medical professionals and researchers give a lot of importance to the human mind as the supreme source of power. Everything is in the mind. Hence, you need to determine a sound reason for your quitting on your own so you can stick with the program successfully.

Motivate yourself regularly, give yourself a prize

A herculean task like quitting alcohol requires a lot of grit and determination which in turn calls for a lot of motivation. For every day you pass without drinking you should encourage yourself with a pat and pamper yourself with a small prize that should help you stay focused.

Consider joining a support group

While quitting alcohol it always helps to join a support group where you get to meet like-minded people going through the same situation. Hearing others’ stories can encourage one a lot and helps in sticking to your plan for life. Never take a single sip after saying you’ve quit.

Once you have decided you’ve quit, avoid taking even a single sip of alcohol in any form on any occasion. Say a polite “No” to anyone who offers you a drink as it generally becomes impossible to stop at that once a sip goes into your body.

Take a Vitamin-B supplement the first week off

In the first week when you are off alcohol, it is advisable to take a Vitamin B supplement as the body’s ability to absorb this element has been hampered by alcohol. A deficiency of this vitamin may cause serious cognitive impairment which is commonly called wet brain.