In Digg’s video called “Sleep Is More Important Than We Thought,” the host explains sleep loss’ drastic affect on your body and daily routine.

When you don’t get enough sleep, “it’s basically like going through your day drunk.” According to Digg, this can result in delayed reaction times and an inability to make wise decisions.

What else happens if you’re lacking enough rest? Well, the brain will struggle to learn new things and consolidate memories. Your mind will also have trouble signaling hormones that you’re full, which results in overeating.

Additionally, adrenaline from getting no sleep can increase the body’s stress hormones, as well as spike blood pressure, which can eventually lead to heart attack and stroke.

Basically, a week without sleep means that you’re more likely to “get sick, gain weight, and develop diabetes,” because your immune system and metabolism begin to malfunction, Digg reported.

Want to learn about five ways to improve your nightly shuteye? Watch the video above, sponsored by Beautyrest.

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