Everyone wants to be more intelligent, and while studying is likely to help you learn more facts, it can be time consuming. What about those who need to seem smarter immediately, like for a job interview tomorrow? Luckily, the team at ASAPScience has some hints to help you trick others into thinking you’re smarter than you are in a jiffy.

According to the video, published this week on ASAP Science’s YouTube channel, much of fooling people into thinking you’re smarter than you really are lies in changing your outside appearance, not what’s actually going on inside your head. For example, the video explained that simply wearing glasses can be enough to trick people into thinking you know more than you do because society has long associated glasses with intelligence. In addition, simply not holding an alcoholic beverage could make you seem more intelligent, as can smiling.

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There are ways to fool others via text as well. For example, according to ASAPScience, using a middle initial when you sign your name can fool others into associating you with higher intelligence, as a middle initial increases your “perceived status.” Also, adding graphs to a paper or to a big presentation could help others believe your facts and help you leave a better impression.

Of course, while these tips may help others perceive you as being more intelligent, in reality, intelligence is pretty much set in stone from birth. It’s more complicated than simply inheriting the “smart gene” and is based on a number of environmental factors, such as nutrition and education exposure. One study found that genetic predisposition accounted for about 54 to 65 percent of differences in children’s test scores.

To learn more tricks to fool people into thinking you are smarter than you really are, check out the video below.

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