As the temperature starts to rise higher and higher in the summer months, every option to stay cool should be considered. Even if that option hinders upon your fashion sense.

The Japanese gadgets company Thanko has manufactured the USB Neck Cooler to provide anyone working out in the sun or in a stuffy office a convenient and effective remedy for heat exhaustion.

Fastened around the neck much like a cushioned neck roll, the Neck Cooler is equipped with two fans and heat-deterring metal to offer its wearer a portable cooling system. Rechargeable AAA batteries ensure up to 12 hours of cooling relief.

Despite creating an unconventional appearance similar to that of a science-fiction character, Thanko's innovative product is right on line with past research exploring the relationship between cooling the area around the neck and physical output.

A study conducted back in January 2011 by UK researchers Dr. Christopher Tyler and Dr. Caroline Sutherland focused on how cooling the neck region can improve physical output under oppressive heat conditions.

Study participants were asked to perform a series of running tests on two occasions at around 70 percent their maximum output. One trial examination had participants wear no cooling neck collar and the second did have them wear the cooling neck collar.

The research team recorded the time it took to reach exhaustion, heart rate, neck temperature, and how well each person that wore the collar felt after exercise. The results of the analysis showed that keeping a participant's neck cooled increased the time it took him or her to reach exhaustion.

Thanko is offering the Neck Cooler for $20 plus shipping costs outside of the country. Visitors to the website can peruse other cooling products like the cooling neck tie or the cooling butt cushion.