Beer has been inextricably linked with American politics since the Constitution. George Washington brewed beer. James Madison reportedly wanted to create a Cabinet-level Secretary of Beer (which would have obviously been the greatest government job ever). When Prohibition did not work in the 1920s - and why would it? - Franklin D. Roosevelt was instrumental in the repeal of the Constitutional amendment. When it was repealed, he apparently quipped, "I think this would be a good time for a beer."

So you would think that the world's favorite alcoholic beverage would be non-partisan, right? Wrong. According to one poll, researchers have found that your favorite beer can be a clue to your political affiliation. Scarborough Research, a market research company, conducted 200,000 interviews with the American electorate in the hopes of discovering whether certain beers were more affiliated with one political party over another.

According to their data, Samuel Adams drinkers, for example, skew heavily Republican. Drinkers of this brand also have a very high turnout rate. In contrast, Miller Lite and Coors Light both are popular with drinkers who lean Republican but who are less rabid about voting.

In the middle are Bud Light and Natural Light, which is pretty evenly split between the two mainstream political parties. Dos Equis, which recently got into hot water when "The Most Interesting Man in the World" hosted an Obama fundraiser, is also pretty bipartisan. Drinkers of all three have relatively low voter turnout rates though.

Interestingly, though the bipartisan Dos Equis is imported by Heineken, its flagship brand is favored by Democrats. Heineken drinkers, however, also have a relatively low voter turnout rate. The brand most favored by Democrats with a high voter turnout rate? Molson - which isn't even American; it's Canadian.

It's not the first time that beer has been linked to personality traits. It has been linked to sex on the first date, and research has said that it can make you healthier, stronger, skinnier - so it's no wonder it's a favorite drink by many.

You can see the graph with all of the beers here.