Just two weeks before their scheduled exchange of vows, Lindsey Stewart and Brian Bond went on a boat ride Friday that was supposed to be a kickoff to their celebration. In an unfortunate turn of events, their boat crashed leaving the bride-to-be dead, the groom injured, and the best man missing until Sunday afternoon. Authorities say the boat operator, JoJo K. John may be to blame.

"At this point, we have probable cause to believe [John] operated the boat while intoxicated, and that's the basis for the charge," Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura said.

John, the 35-year-old boat driver, is being held on $250,000 bail. He was arraigned in his hospital bed, where he was admitted after incurring injuries in the crash. He is reportedly a friend of the couple.

According to USA Today, the group’s boat crashed into a construction barge a little before 11 p.m. on Friday. On Saturday, after an intense search of Tappan Zee Marina in New York, a body matching the description of 30-year-old Stewart was pulled from the Hudson River. On Sunday afternoon, a body matching the description of the betrothed couple’s best man, Mark Lennon, was found by rescue crews.

Brian Bond changed his Facebook profile picture to a photo of he and his bride-to-be one day after the crash.

Stewart and Bond were set to marry on August 10. As details of the tragic crash trickle in, their friends, family, and community have expressed their support for the young couple.

"Lindsey was always just a gem, a sweetheart. She was an important part of our congregation," Rev. John Havrilla, the pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church where the couple was supposed to get married, said. "And Brian was always a delightful kid, a character in many ways."

Stewart’s mother, perhaps the most hopeful and vocal as crews searched for her daughter on Saturday, was still shocked by the news. "It can't end like this," she said.