Even Hulk Hogan knows his decision to Tweet gruesome photos of a severe burn on his hand was ill-advised. He has now issued an apology for the ghastly pictures, admitting "I really should take a moment before I make a decision."

After a visibly painful run in with a radiator, the 59-year-old former wrestling star shared pictures of his swollen and blistered hand to his social media followers. The photo was coupled with the caption "Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH."

As time progressed, so did his injury and Hogan felt it necessary to share every detail as his hand ballooned in size over time. Two more photos were shared featuring the captions "Double OUCH" and "Triple OUCH" in case his followers on Twitter didn't get the message.

There's no word yet on the degree to which his skin was burned; however, his condition did require immediate surgery from doctors in the ER at Tampa General Hospital.

Hogan was kind enough to share another photo of his mangled extremities after doctors performed surgery to remove the blistered skin. Pictures of his skinless hand were accompanied with the captions "Would you like it rare?" and "Skined like a cat," (His injury seemed to take the biggest toll on his spelling).