A new study suggests that human brains are unlikely to evolve a ‘supermind’ as the price to pay would be too high.

Researchers of the University of Warwick say that human minds have hit an evolutionary “sweet spot” and unlike computers they cannot continually get smarter without “trade-offs elsewhere.”

They say that a “highly evolved supermind is the stuff of science fiction,” as evidence suggests that for every gain in cognitive functions there is a price to pay elsewhere.

In other words, highly advancing your intelligence level in one particular topic can decrease your level of intelligence in another.

"These kinds of studies suggest there is an upper limit to how much people can or should improve their mental functions like attention, memory or intelligence,” said Dr. Thomas Hills, University of Warwick psychology researcher.

He explained that a complex task like driving, where the mind needs to be dynamically focused, changes all the time.

"If you enhance your ability to focus too much, and end up over-focusing on specific details, like the driver trying to hide in your blind spot, then you may fail to see another driver suddenly veering into your lane from the other direction."