When it comes to drinking, there are three simple rules every responsible alcohol-consuming adult should follow: Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and text, and don’t drink and fall asleep outside in below-freezing temperatures. An Australian native traveling around Canada, who goes by the name TheBassistMuse on Imgur, failed to heed this advice after she fell asleep while drunk outside a bar in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. A few hours later, without a jacket or gloves, she woke up outdoor a nursing home with noticeable frostbite.

The optimistic woman recounts the night in an Imgur post, writing:

The background is basically I got way too wastey-pants one night in a new town in Saskatchewan (pronounced "Sas - catch - you - wan" if you're curious) trying to make some friends and settle in. I was blackout drunk by midnight, with no phone, no money and no idea where I was and I couldn't find my way home. ... Now don't mistake for this for a sob story, there’s no complaining here. Just pure unadulterated idiocy.

Her specialist, Dr. Randall Friesen, who she refers to as “Dr. Freezin,” warned her blisters and swelling would form on her fingers before being popped. Now, her hands are in the process of healing and she will be able to use them again, but there is still concern about her left pinky and middle fingertip.

“I won't find out until June. If I lose them I want to make a sweet, custom-made prosthetic,” she said.

Click "View Gallery" to see her entire story documented through a series of photos from when the night began (pre-frostbite) to what her hands look like now (post-frostbite).