The supercomputer system which beat human players at 'Jeopardy!' will be used by health insurer Wellpoint Inc. to create computer applications that will help doctors in making diagnoses and suggesting treatment options.

The new applications will initially be used to provide health care professionals with a wealth of medical information.

Data used in the WellPoint application will include patient information obtained by the doctor or hospital, the insurer's history of medicines and treatments and Watson's library of medical textbooks and journals, according to the Associated Press.

"Imagine having the ability within three seconds to look through all of that information, to have it be up to date, scientifically presented to you, and based on that patients' medical needs at the moment you're caring for that patient," WellPoint's chief medical officer, Dr. Sam Nussbaum, told the Associated Press.

The computer system drew attention after beating two former all-time 'Jeopardy!' greats at their own game earlier this year. The Watson system processes human language extracting key elements in order to derive a question and an answer.