IKEA is recalling nearly 75,000 of its Patrull Lamma and Patrull Smidig safety gates after they failed to safeguard three children from falling down stairs, causing injuries.

The safety gates are being recalled in the U.S. and Canada after 18 worldwide incidents in which the friction between the wall and pressure-mounted rubber failed to hold the gates in place, “posing a fall hazard,” according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. What’s more, the lower bar mounting the bottom of the gate to the wall also poses the risk of tripping over it, making the gate overall bad news for children who might not know to be cautious.

The gates being recalled are all white, made of steel and plastic, and measure about 29 inches high with an adjustable width measuring between 29 inches and 34 inches. They have spring mechanisms that fit between the two sides of the door frame to hold the gate in place, and a metal bar at the bottom. Permanent labels attached to that lower metal bar contain the article number; gates with the following numbers are being recalled: 302-265-21, 500-375-67, 501-919-50, 655-517-10, 700-989-65, and 901-136-01.

IKEA has been selling the two safety gate models since 1995, and has said they weren’t supposed to be used at the top of staircases, CBS Detroit reported. Customers who wish to keep the gate for use between rooms and at the bottom of staircases, however, can contact IKEA to get free updated user instructions and new adhesive warning labels for their gate. Those will be available beginning Tuesday May 19.

Anyone else who wishes to return the gate can do so at any IKEA store for a full refund. They can also contact IKEA at (888) 966-4532. For more information about the recall, visit www.ikea-usa.com and click on the recall link at the bottom of the page.