Among the long list of steroids that are currently available (and are used for medicinal purposes), the ones that most bodybuilders, football stars and disgraced athletes use are actually anabolic steroids. While most of them have been banned for some time now due to the fact that they are used to enhance performance especially in professional sports, they are still used medicinally as well.

The excess use of steroids has caused a lot of controversy in the past, and is used so because people want that “edge” over the competition with dire consequences. So here are a few important ill-effects that are a result of using steroids in excess:

Effect #1: ‘Roid rage’

The excess use of steroids results in ‘roid rage’, which causes one to be increasingly aggressive even when unprovoked, and which leads to either hurting others or hurting themselves when exercising as well.

Effect #2: Increases the possibility of cardiovascular and liver diseases

With the excess use of steroids, one will increase their chances of getting coronary artery disease as well as heart attacks. One can also suffer from liver cirrhosis if these steroids are taken in excess.

Effect #3: Baldness

Most people who are on steroids, and who use them at dangerous levels, tend to become bald long before the average age when baldness occurs.

Effect #4: Mood swings and psychosis

One can also experience mood swings when using steroids in excess as well as begin to hallucinate or have delusions. In addition, this can also lead to personality changes as well as the inability to think logically.

Effect #5: Muscle cramps and tears and tendon injuries

The excess use of steroids also leads to muscle cramps and since it also promotes the wear and tear of muscles, it can lead to muscle t