In Washington, the Food and Drug Administration is having some cleaning up down on some manufacturers of weight loss, sexual enhancement and body building supplements that have shown potential threat to it users. Some supplements were found to have dangerous ingredients.

Last Wednesday, the FDA revealed that there have been many manufacturers that have been creating misleading product labels in order to hide the dangerous contained ingredients with unfavorable health effects. There are some supplements that contain ingredients that were supposed to be available only by prescription.

Margaret Hamburg, the commissioner of FDA said, “these tainted products can cause serious adverse effects, including strokes, organ failure, and death.” Furthermore, Hamburg said that the selling of these supplements is operating outside the law.

Dietary supplements need not be approved by FDA that is why there is a need for a regular cleaning up. The manufacturers are the ones responsible in coming up with a product that can be used safely by its consumers. The FDA has been doing the right thing to push companies in recalling more than 200 inappropriately-labeled products. This included 80 that have been marketed as body building supplements as told by an agency. The products that have been recalled were connected to serious cases such as stroke, liver injury, kidney failure and death.

It is very sad to know that the government regulators don’t actually have enough power to command companies in recalling their products. As far as the FDA is concerned, they can do nothing but to issue warning letters to focus on the illegal products. In one letter sent to the supplement industry, FDA said that manufacturers who have been distributing tainted products could be charged for their criminal deeds. Some heads and executives from the said industry have shown their support for FDA to crackdown companies that have been doing unacceptable deeds.

Quoting John Gray, the executive director of the National Products Association, during a media call with the leadership of FDA said "the spiking of supplements with drugs is a crime; it endangers the public and undermines our members and other legitimate manufacturers and retailers of supplements."

The FDA has been looking closely at weight loss products that contain sibutramine, a substance that have been phased out from the market because of the increasing negative effects which lead to stroke and heart attack. FDA was able to discover nearly a dozen of products that have the said ingredient. This includes products marketed under the brand names Solo Slim, Slim-30 and Slimming Beauty. The agency also found body building supplements that have anabolic steroids. FDA mentioned ArimaDex, Tren Xtreme and Clomed belonged to this category.