Some people are better at remembering facts, faces, and names than others, but there are certain tricks and tips that can help even the most scatter-brained among us sharpen our memories. In a recent video, Aaron Topaz from Positively Brainwashed gives us a few pointers.

According to Topaz, the key to memorization is as easy as ALI; that is Association, Location, and Imagination. In his video, Topaz teaches us how he used these three techniques to remember practically anything. For example, when it comes to remembering a string of numbers, Topaz associates each number with corresponding noun and verb to help with recollection. The number 25 is Santa Claus giving presents, as the 25th of December is Christmas. The number 07 is Agent James Bond holding a gun, seeing as Bond is Agent 007. This trick helps to remember strings of digits, and can easily be learned and replicated.

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Topaz also explains how he stores his memories in specific places in his brain to help for better recollection. The place where the memories are stored is dependent on how long he’d like to keep them. Lastly, Topaz suggested using your imagination when trying to remember facts, as we are more likely to remember something funny, weird, violent, or sexual.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, it’s really not difficult, and with a bit of practice and dedication, you’ll be improving your memory in no time. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of Topaz’s memory-improving tips.

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