If it’s broken, sometimes it's better to not fix it. Such was the lesson learned by a 41-year-old German man who tried to fix a broken inflatable air mattress. The temporary bed exploded, tossing the man across the room and causing nearly $200,000 of damage to the house that he was renting.

After discovering a rupture in his recently purchased bed, the tenant — whose name has not been released — tried to fix it with an industrial-strength spray used to fix car tires. Authorities believe that heat from the electric motor in the inflatable mattress ignited the sealant, causing the explosion.

Blown out windows from the house. Credit: AP AP

Glass in the window frames of the house, located in the town of Diepholz in Lower Saxony, was blown out, and the windows' curtains were left ripped and tattered.

The man was rushed to the local hospital where he was treated for minor cuts on his hands and a wrist injury. Prosecutors are still deciding whether to press charges against the man for the incident.