What’s the best way for a woman to deter unwanted male attention? According to 20-year-old Jasmine Tridevil, it’s surgically implanting a third breast in the middle of your chest. The massage therapist explains that she underwent the extreme body alteration as a way to deter attention, but the extra appendage has clearly done the exact opposite and helped Tridevil quickly become an Internet sensation.

As one would expect, getting a doctor to purposely implant a third breast in a woman isn’t easy. “It was really hard finding someone who would do it because it would be breaking their code of ethics,” explained Tridevil in an interview with The News Junkie radio show in Orlando. The Florida native talked of how she had to approach “50 or 60 doctors,” before one actually agreed to perform the $20,0000 operation. However, after living with her third breast for about a year, Tridevil has no regrets.

In her opinion, the third breast looks nearly identical to her two natural breasts except for one minor difference: “In the middle one, the areola looks a little different. … They put a mini implant to look like a nipple sticking out and I got a tattoo for the areola.”

jasmine 3
Jasmine had to approach between 40 and 50 doctors before one agreed to perform the surgery. Photo courtesy of Facebook Photo courtesy of Facebook

Tridevil told the radio show that her main reason for getting the implant was “to make myself unattractive to men because I don’t want to date anymore,” although she refused to go into detail exactly why she was suddenly put off men at the tender age of 20. Still, a second benefit of the third breast is that the added attraction will bring the young Floridian one step closer to her dream of reality TV stardom. Tridevil has gone as far as hiring a camera crew to follow her around in the hopes of her story being picked up by MTV.

jasmine 1
Jasmine spent $20,000 to realize her dream of having three breasts. Photo courtesy of Facebook Photo courtesy of Facebook

UPDATE: According to quite a few sources (see here, here, and here), Jasmine Tridevil's tale of three boobs may be part of an elaborate, attention-seeking hoax. Still, we wonder, why?