Jesse James accidentally chopped off his pinky finger tip in an accident on Tuesday, and what was the first thing he did? He got on Instagram and Twitter to post photos.

The famed West Coast Customs motorcycle builder and ex-husband to Sandra Bullock wrote in a message accompanying the first of many graphic photos posted to Instagram, "OOOpps, bad day at the office. Headed 2 surgery in a few #PayUpSucker."

He followed up with another photo from University Medical Center Brackenridge, in Austin, saying "Doesn't look like this little dude's gonna make it, nice know'n you little buddy."

The severed tip, pale, bloodless, and including the entire fingernail, can be seen above the stump of his pinky finger.

Still, one severed finger cannot take the man away from what he's passionate about. He was back at the shop earlier today, where he posted a third photo on Instagram in which he's welding with his pinky finger wrapped up.

"My world has no time for whiners or crybabies," that photo's caption said, noting that James went back to work 15 hours after surgery.

It is still unclear whether his severed fingertip was reattached.

Severed fingers cannot be replanted if they are severed from the body for more than 12 hours, however, there are a number of factors to be considered, such as how much of the finger has been detached, according to Digital Journal.

Severed fingers must be wrapped in a handkerchief or moist paper towel and put inside of a watertight bag, and then placed inside of another bag filled with ice, and treated immediately.

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