Jets quarterback David Garrard told radio host Adam Schein Wednesday that he may have to quit playing due to a bad knee.

Gerrard, who is 35 years old and has played in the NFL since 2002, had arthroscopic surgery on his knee last year. Knee arthroscopy involves viewing joints with a small camera to diagnose and treat knee injuries. The procedure can be used to repair or remove damaged tissue.

In a text to Schein on Wednesday, Garrard said he had to "call it quits" because "[his] knee is not holding up." He went on to say that his knee continued to swell after practices, limiting what he's able to do on the field.

Garrard hasn't played since the 2010 season. The Jets organization has been struggling to find the right quarterback for a while and saw Garrard, who has over ten years of experience in the league, as a possible remedy to that problem. The team dropped Tim Tebow recently and picked up Garrard, who would join quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Greg McElroy, and Matt Simms.

Garrard's retirement has not yet been confirmed by the Jets.