“The best cure for a breakup is feeling hot, and looking hot,” said Jo Piazza, author of the new novel Love Rehab: A Novel In 12 Steps.

In her book, Piazza — a former reporter for the NY Daily News — treats getting over a breakup like rehabilitating from an addiction.

“What I learned while writing the book is that when you’re addicted to relationships, it’s the same as being addicted to drugs or alcohol,” said Piazza. “You get the same kind of high. You also get that high by working out.”

And so, as part of the promotion for her book, Piazza has embarked on a short fitness tour that allows women to “sweat the pain away.” The classes play music by popular female artists like Kelly Clarkson and Pink. One of the class participants said the class was actually therapeutic.

“I can cry during the workout, and no one notices because it mixes with the sweat,” said April Wilkner, newly single.

The idea behind both the classes and the book is that introspection and self-improvement are the keys to overcoming any obstacle in your life — not just breakups. Looking to outward things to pacify emotional hurt can lead to unhealthy behavior and negative consequences.

“You need to put it in perspective of the here and now and then you need to fix you, “ Piazza told The Frisky. “You are the only person you can control. You will never fix a bad boss, a bad boyfriend or a bad parent. You can choose how you react to it. I think that is what Love Rehab teaches all of the women.”

Love Rehab is available for purchase on Amazon.