The U.S. is known for its ingenuity with fried foods, if the Iowa State fair can serve as an example. Looks like America is outsourcing these fatty skills to East Asia, where KFC Japan will launch its own brand of deep fried soup.

Corn potage became a national sensation last autumn after the popular dessert company Gari Gari Kun released an ice cream bar based on the creamy soup.

Opting to move in a completely opposite direction, KFC Japan will pour the corn potage into a spherical, breaded mold and drop it into a deep fryer. This will yield a fritter with crunchy skin and a soft creamy center.

Will deep-fried soup serve as delicious take on the food craze or a path for the nation with the lowest rate of obesity in the developed world to catch up with everyone else? Only time will tell. The new product, however, does join a world featuring a range of unexpected and unorthodox deep fryables, such as milk, bubblegum, and salsa.

The corn potage fritter debuts on Sept. 5, according to KFC Japan’s Facebook page, and will be available for a limited time.