"No bun, all meat."

This may initially sound rather healthy, like something your friend on a diet would order at a burger restaurant. But what if the buns were made of meat? KFC Korea is apparently disregarding the recent health craze that has swept across numerous fast food chains, such as McDonald’s attempt to create a healthier menu featuring salad and fruit. A new item on the KFC menu, known as a “Zinger Double Down King,” is essentially meat sandwiched between two buns of… meat.

A beef patty and bacon are smashed in between two slabs of fried chicken and slathered in BBQ and pepper sauce, creating a monstrosity never before experienced. Scary? Yes. Unhealthy? Absolutely. Tasty? Possibly. What’s certain is that the new Double Down King is even fattier than its predecessor, the "crime against food" known as the original Double Down, which involved two pieces of fried chicken sandwiching bacon, Monterey and Pepper Jack cheeses, and sauce.

Though it's an even more heinous crime against food, the new $7 Zinger Double Down King reportedly only has about 750 calories, which miraculously doesn’t even come close to the fattest restaurant meals, many of which tip the scale at over 2,000 calories. The average caloric intake for men should be around 2,500 calories, and around 2,000 for women. Yet Americans, notoriously obese, often consume up an average of about 3,770 calories a day, according to an Evoke.ie infographic. Whether or not these images make you salivate or want to throw up in your mouth, it would probably be best if the Zinger Double Down King stays in South Korea.