We’re not sure if Kim Anami is doing it to uphold local customs or is just interested in those sweet gains, but her commitment to lifting things with her vagina is downright impressive. Anami is a sex expert and disbeliever in traditional kegel exercises. She prefers some string and heavy weights, preferably in the form of surfboards or bunches of bananas.

They might help other women revive their sex lives, but pelvic floor exercises aren’t good enough for Anami. She wants more of a challenge — like pumping iron at Muscle Beach, in Venice, Calif., or doing yoga in Bali, documenting the journey on Instagram with the hashtag “#thingsiliftwithmyvagina.” The series is meant to help women take a more active role in their sex lives, says Anami, who describes herself on her website as an “illuminator,” “catalyst,” “sexual muse,” and “pleasure savant,” among many others.

An aside: Even with her boundless sense of sexual wanderlust, Anami’s vaginal weightlifting feats don’t come close to the unofficial record. (Sadly, Guinness does not recognize the feat as a legitimate World Record.) That honor goes to Russia’s Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who lifted 31 pounds with her vagina in 2009.

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