After Kim Kardashian's recent premature delivery, reports have come to light that suggest a preeclampsia diagnosis was to blame. The only sure way to cure this disorder is by inducing early labor.

Affecting around five percent of woman, preeclampsia is diagnosed through high blood pressure levels and protein in the urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to Baby Center LLC., most women who get preeclampsia develop a mild version near their due date, and they and their babies do fine with proper care.

Kardashian showed signs of this complex disorder prior to her premature delivery such as complaints of swollen feet. Other signs include sudden weight gain, abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, and vision loss.

Although little is known about what causes preeclampsia, current research suggests it could be due to reduced blood flow to the placenta. This obstruction has also been linked to similar conditions like chronic hypertension and diabetes.

Women at risk for the disorder usually suffer from a preexisting high blood pressure condition including hypertension, have a had a woman in their family suffer from it, are overweight or, in Kardashian's case, are pregnant with their first child.

Treating preeclampsia depends on the severity of an individual's condition. However, no official form of treatment has been formulated. If complications persist, a woman could be required to spend the duration of her pregnancy at the hospital in addition to a couple of weeks after delivery to monitor the health of both the mother and baby.