After the Japanese bird poop facial blew up in metropolitan areas across the nation, East Asian exports are set to get even weirder. In a new VICE documentary, reporters investigate the ancient analgesic and cure-all beverage “Ttongsul” – Korean “poop wine,” made from rice wine and human feces. The new video represents the first-ever documentation of the bizarre brewing process.

According to The Daily Mail, the drink has traditionally been used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including cuts and bruises, pain, broken bones, and even epilepsy. That said, the natural remedy has been in bad decline for the past century, and has since the 1960s been kept alive by a small number of traditionalist. A tragedy, if you trust Dr. Lee Chang Soo.

“I feel sad that human feces is no longer used as traditional medicine,” he said, speaking to VICE Japan correspondent Yuka Uchida.

Dr. Soo claims that the wine has such a pronounced curative capacity that can cut healing times in half. Supposedly, a person requiring 20 days of care after a hard fall can be out of the hospital in 10 if they power through regular cups of poop wine.

To brew Ttongsul, pour water into a bowl and add human poop – preferably from children aged six, whose feces are “odorless and pure,” according to Dr. Soo. After a day, stir in boiled rice mixed with yeast. Ferment for one week, strain, and enjoy.

Crazy? Check out VICE’s video and decide for yourself.