There’s a lot of press currently targeting the disgraceful side of American police officers; but not every cop out there is a bad guy, and one Nevada cop proves that.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Officer Tim Fletcher was caught on camera while dancing with a young cancer patient at the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation facility, and it’s something a little more uplifting than much of what we see in the news. Fletcher chatted with Phareall, a boy receiving cancer treatment at the facility, who told the police officer about his awesome dance moves. Fletcher asked to see them. Phareall agreed, but only if Fletcher joined him.

Phareall admittedly has some pretty smooth dance moves, but Fletcher might be a different story. Regardless, the goofy police officer brought a smile to Phareall’s face by attempting to copy his moves. Onlookers quickly videotaped the moment then uploaded it to YouTube.

According to the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation website, the facility was started in 2007 for a “charitable, educational, and scientific purpose” toward children’s health needs. “It is not unusual for children with cancer and other complex medical conditions from Nevada and the surrounding region to travel hundreds of miles, seeking appropriate care and access to the latest treatment protocols and clinical trials,” the website states. “However, the most vulnerable of children diagnosed with complex medical issues such as cancer; the uninsured, under insured, and medically indigent are often excluded from this opportunity due to their lack of medical coverage and/or the finances required to appropriately treat these childhood conditions. It is not only our policy that no child will be denied care at our clinic for financial reasons; it is our legacy.”