Lauren Scruggs, a model and editor of a fashion blog, is beginning a "long road to recovery" after an accident over the weekend in which she walked into the propeller of a small airplane while it was spinning.

Scruggs' family she has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, adding that she also lost her hand, according to a web post on Tuesday on They said it is possible that Lauren will be able to recover her left eye, according to an interview on NBC's Today Show Tuesday.

"The risk of infection is still strong, so please continue to cover Lauren in prayer. We are also praying for the facial nerve on the left side of her face to have complete restoration," her family said in a post.

At 9:30 p.m. on Saturday Scruggs, 23 landed at a private airport in Texas after flying in a two-seater plane to view the Christmas Lights in the area.

She climbed out of the airplane and in the darkness walked toward the propeller while it was still moving, according to a report from MSNBC.

During TV appearance on NBC's "Today Show," her parents said it was a blessing Lauren was not killed by the propeller.

"With daily healing, Lauren is beginning a long road to recovery. Keep praying!," the family said on