If you're working in an office setting you may want to schedule that afternoon coffee break for around 2:55 PM — that's the time of the day that was recently identified as the least productive time of the day. On the flip side, that same recent survey also marked 10:26 AM as the most productive time of the day.

Michael Davies and fellow researchers from LondonOffices.com gauged the responses of over 400 workers who were asked to identify the time of day they were least likely to get work done.

"We all have peaks and troughs when it comes to our levels of productivity, but the trick is to maintain a steady work level rather than swing between extremes," Davies stated.

Researchers speculated that around 2:55 PM workers began to hit that after-lunch lull and became more focused on what they're doing after work — and less focused on their work. Respondents said around this time they were more likely to charge up with a strong cup of coffee or a chocolate candy bar.

"Often if people have a burst of energy and get a shed load of work done in one hour, they maybe under-perform for the next two," Davies added. "I would recommend people take a few five minute 'mini-breaks' throughout the day. This could include popping to the water fountain, grabbing a cup of tea or even a quick walk round the office."

Other tips for staying alert during a long day include getting out of your seat for a quick walk to get the blood flowing, get fresh air to provide a boost of energy, and interact with co-workers to recharge your mind when fatigue begins to set in.