Lifeloc Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional breathalyzers has released the industry's first independent report on the accuracy and reliability of popular semiconductor (silicone oxide) breath testers sold in mass retail, pharmacy, specialty stores and on the Internet.

"Anecdotal reports and experiences of consumers, law enforcement and other industry players have centered on the inaccuracy of semiconductor alcohol testers," said Barry Knott, president of Lifeloc. "New third party research has confirmed that popular semiconductor personal breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate and should not be trusted for accurate BAC measurement. What we didn't know, until the test results came in, was just how inaccurate these devices are."

The report also exposes questionable marketing practices of consumer breathalyzer distributors and retailers whose advertising claims suggest a high level of BAC measurement accuracy that is not supported by the test results.

"This report should serve as a warning to consumers to avoid semiconductor breath testers if they want accurate BAC measurement. It's also an invitation to retailers to take more responsibility in how they market personal breathalyzers," said Knott. "Consumer and public safety is not being well served by misleading product claims."