Lindsay Lohan will be allowed to take Adderall during her court-ordered 90-day stint at the Betty Ford Center. Doctors at the drug rehabilitation center are assessing Lindsay's diagnosis and the effectiveness of the drug, TMZ reports.

Lohan is believed to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurological condition that affects concentration and the ability to complete tasks and stand still for extended periods of time. Adderall is a popular prescription medication used to treat the disorder.

But TMZ has its own theories. "Adderall is commonly misused by lots of people - especially actresses - who take the drug to suppress their appetite," says the celebrity gossip site. Adderall is indeed an appetite suppressant, among other things. The dopamine in adderall is a neurotransmitter that can send a signal to the brain indicating satisfaction, leading users to feel less hungry.

While it's still unknown whether Lohan will be allowed to use the prescription drug for the entirety of her stay, for now the actress will continue taking the pills as needed under strict observation of the rehabilitation center.