That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly passed away on Wednesday at the age of 43. Kelly had recently checked into a California rehabilitation center in an effort to free herself from an ongoing problem with addiction, ABC News reported.

"Unfortunately Lisa Robin Kelly passed away last evening. Lisa had voluntarily checked herself into a treatment facility early this week where she was battling the addiction problems that have plagued her these past few years," Kelly’s manager Craig Wycoff said in a statement.

The actress, who also appeared in Days of Our Lives, has had several run-ins with the law, including a domestic dispute with ex-boyfriend John Michas and a series of driving-while-intoxicated charges.

"I spoke to her on Monday and she was hopeful and confident, looking forward to putting this part of her life behind her. Last night she lost the battle," Wycoff added.

Kelly was brought into the rehab facility on Monday in hopes of kicking her alcohol addiction for good this time. She died as a result of cardiac arrest Wednesday night, TMZ reported.