A couple from Shandong province, China were woken in the middle of the night and forced to abort their baby of six months because they already had one child.

Liu Xinwen, 33, and her husband, Zhou Guoqiang, were woken up at 4 a.m. last Friday after 20 officials from the Shandong Province Family Commission forced their way into the home by kicking down the door. Guoqiang was held down while Xinwen was pulled from her bed and taken away. Guoqiang spent five hours trying to find out where the officials took his wife, he told Sky News.

The Chinese mother was found hospitalized at the People's Hospital of Fangzi District in Weifang City. Guoqiang arrived just moments after his wife was injected with an abortion-inducing drug, which killed the six-month fetus.

“My wife was lying in bed. I asked her: 'Have you been injected?' She said 'yes.' I asked if the baby was still moving. She said 'not much,'" Guoqiang told Sky News.

The couple’s baby died in Xinwen’s womb and was delivered a day later. In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Guoqiang showed a horrific photo of the fetus in an orange bucket next to his wife curled up on the hospital bed. Several of the images show that the fetus is fully formed. “His nose, ears, mouth are all there. It is a child that would have lived if not for the forced abortion. It’s because of their cruelty. Look, his hand is very obvious,” the Chinese father said, the Huffington Post UK reports.

Guoqiang claimed that his wife was forced to sign papers, which said she had agreed to the abortion. However, when Xinwen initially refused to sign, she was allegedly told by the officials that if she did not cooperate, her husband would be arrested and be left with absolutely nothing.

"They don't have any humanity. They are not humans." Liu Xinwen told Sky News. "They must have children and parents too. But they don't have any conscience. This is how China is."

In an exclusive with Sky News, Xinwen gave this message to her dead son: “Baby, I’m sorry. We were not meant to be. You rest in peace in heaven. We will pray for you. We hope your next life is better.”

The National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC) is a state agency that is responsible for overseeing population control, reproductive health, and family planning all across China. The NPFPC limits the number of children that Chinese couples may have — all under the one-child policy. To enforce this policy, many officials have forced abortions and sterilizations, which are illegal in China.