We eat to satisfy hunger and also, at times, to feel comfort, also known as emotional eating. This type of eating doesn’t fix emotional problems and only makes you feel guilty for overeating, but there are healthy foods that can actually fix your mood.

Heather Lounsbury, nutritionist, acupuncturist, herbalist, Reiki Master, expert Chinese Medicine practitioner and author of Fix Your Mood With Food from Santa Monica, Calif., emphasizes the importance of eating food in its original form from a plant-based diet approach. She believes the modern American diet has thrown our body’s natural chemistry off and has therefore deprived us of the nutrients needed to function at optimal performance. “You can’t go wrong with eating whole food plants. You should incorporate as many plants into your diet as possible,” Lounsbury told Medical Daily.

Her desire to dabble with nutrition and Chinese medicine stemmed from feeling moody and constantly fatigued. Now, as a vegetarian for about 30 years, Lounsbury has applied her experiences to her field by addressing her patients' mental, emotional, and physical issues through healthy eating and acupuncture. Stress, anxiety, and anger are among the most commonly reportedly feelings by her patients, which can negatively impact the body. “This all affects the liver. It starts with the liver and can weaken all the other organs,” Lounsbury said.

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