Logan Stevenson, the terminally ill two-year-old who served as the best man at his parents' wedding, has passed away just three days after the emotional ceremony, according to a post on his mother's Facebook page.

Tuesday's post on Christine's Swidorsky's Facebook page read: "Today Logan was doing very bad, hid breathing was very rapid then slowing down. I called hospice to come and she checked him out and she said he's probable gonna pass."

"Sean and I held him all day, he was comfortable with his medication then at 8:18 my son took his last breath in my arms."

Christine and Sean Stevenson were supposed to get married next year; however, the couple from western Pennsylvania decided to move their wedding date up to August 3 so that their son could be a part of the special day.

Logan was born with a rare genetic disorder called Fanconi anemia, which often leads to cancer. Recently, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and clear cell carcinoma, after doctors found a tumor on his kidney. Doctors only gave him a few weeks to live.

"We love all of u for all your prayers thank u all for caring god bless u all!" Christine added. "And most of all god bless Logan I'll c u in my dreams my son."

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