A nursing home in Long Island has landed in hot water after it was discovered the facility hired strippers to entertain some of its elderly clients. According to a lawsuit filed against the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon, male strippers were brought in as a part of the home’s “entertainment event” for patients back in 2012.

Franklin Youngblood was visiting his 86-year-old mother Bernice when he discovered a photograph that both horrified and shocked him. The photo shows Youngblood’s elderly mother, who reportedly suffers from partial dementia, being straddled by a brawny gentleman while shoving money down his underpants. When Youngblood asked a staff member about what he had discovered, a nursing supervisor went to grab the photo from his hands.

“I felt terrible,” Bernice Youngblood told reporters at a recent press conference. “I was shaken.” The lawsuit filed by Youngblood’s family stated the event was “all for the perverse pleasure and enjoyment of the Defendant’s staff.”

Howard Fensterman, East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s attorney, said the decision to bring in strippers for the patients’ enjoyment was ultimately left up to the clients. Fensterman said a 16-member committee of residents requested the striptease act, and other clients of the facility voted it in, NBC New York reported. The nursing home, however, did approve the request and paid $250 for the exotic dancer’s time.