Research found that men with long ring finger compared to their index finger are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer.

A long ring finger could be due to a high exposure to testosterone hormone while in the womb, according to the study reported in the Daily Mail. Testosterone is known to stimulate prostate tumor growth.

The founding is contrary to the common belief that having a long ring finger is beneficial and is associated with reduced risk of heart disease and increased fertility.

Researchers at Gashon University Gil Hospital in South Korea reviewed 366 men over the age of 40 who showed symptoms of prostate cancer. The results showed that blood tests of those who had significantly long ring fingers on their right hand compared to their index finger had double the normal levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA). PSA is found in high levels when cancer is present.

Three times as many of these men with long ring fingers were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The difference in length between ring and index finger (‘digit ratio’) could be used to predict the possibility of getting cancer, researchers say.