An inseparable bond is established between a mother and child the first moment they lock eyes. One Denver mom will never forget the reaction when her daughter recognized her for the first time — in eight months. Baby Louise, born with albinism, saw her mom Megan McMorris for the first time after being fitted with her first pair of special eyeglasses in the YouTube video “’Seeing’ mommy for the first time!”

The video uploaded onto the Louise and Albinism YouTube channel has garnered about five million views in just over a week. The description reads, “Our sweet Louise who has Albinism, received her glasses! This is her reaction from putting them on for the first time. It seems like she is really "seeing" her mommy for the first time. Love!”

Louise was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinismm according to a post on the YouTube page, at two months. The genetic condition affects the production of melanin, which impacts the skin, hair, and eyes. When it comes to eye color, says the Mayo Clinic, it can range from very light to brown and may change with age. The lack of pigment in the color part of the eyes — irises — makes them appear translucent. This means the irises can’t completely block light from entering the eye.

Light-colored eyes may appear red in some lightening, similar to Louise’s in the video. Her eyes can also be seen doing rapid, involuntary back-and-forth movement, known as nystagmus. Moreover, their inability to stay directed at the same point or to move in unison — strabismus — is also characteristic of albinos.

Before Louise was given a new pair of glasses, she had only been able to bond with her mother by the sound of her voice, her smell, and the touch of her skin. Now, as Louise is able to see her mother’s face, she can smile. McMorris and her baby can be seen listening to music and singing together.

In the video below, Louise has a beautiful and emotional response as she listens to her mom sing “Amazing Grace.”

Louise can clearly give her mom the look of love.