Low levels of alcohol has always been associated with a positive impact on heart, a new study today shows that right ventricular performance is increased.

Italians in the University of Siena have associated the glasses of wine drunk by those looking to improve their heart, can improve right-sided performance of the heart - possibly implicated in arrthymnias.

Matteo Cameli, a cardiologist at the Cardiologia Universitaria of Siena explained how right sided heart performance was increased while left decreased:

"They are like two different worlds, both for structure and function of myocardial fibers that they present." he said, ""We found that low doses of red wine is associated acute depression in left ventricular function and acute increase in right ventricular function."

The difference that low levels of alcohol have on them is bound to have social implications due to the nature in which people associate them with benefits, he explained.

The right side of the heart is traditionally associated with arrthythmias, where weakness can cause sudden cardiac arrest and subsequent death, particularly brought to prominence in footballers who have died from the disease.