Nowadays, 8 out of 10 women say they find a well-groomed partner more attractive than ungroomed men. Still, despite the overwhelming statistics pointing men toward better self-care habits, a startling 63 percent of men say they don’t use face wash to clean their face.

Part of the issue stems from the facial care industry overwhelmingly catering towards women, and the lengthy regimens that come with the unisex products. But one company has stepped in to save the day: meet MadeMan, every guy’s self-care savior.

MadeMan’s simplified solution relies on everything-you-need-in-one products made with naturally sourced ingredients, allowing men to take care of themselves with ease.

The brand’s two-step Re(Set) system begins with a combination cleanser and shaving gel called The Resetter, which utilizes eucalyptus oil to ensure a smooth shave and an even deeper clean.

MadeMan’s second product, The Refresher, presents an all-in-one moisturizing gel with added solar protection, giving intense hydration while also stimulating collagen production and bouncing away the sun’s harmful rays.

After dealing with personal skin issues himself post-adolescence, founder Jeremy Gardner knew he needed to find a simple way to make facial care as easy for men as brushing your teeth.

Gardner then teamed up with Harvard-educated dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo to pinpoint the key components of an effective skincare regimen, ultimately creating MadeMan’s highly-lauded two-step Re(Set) collection.

With an emphasis on pollution control, acne prevention, anti-aging, moisturization and spot reduction, MadeMan’s expertly formulated products offer men everything they need to put their best face forward, in only two simple steps.

MadeMan’s line is also built to last, with every bottle containing a full two months supply of product that’s seamlessly refilled by the brand’s subscription service. The packaging is recyclable to boot, adding an extra layer of eco-friendliness to MadeMan’s already ethically sourced ingredients.

Above all, a portion of the company’s proceeds goes directly to Defy Ventures, a non-profit that helps men freshly released from prison get back on their feet by teaching valuable skills to help build a new future.

With the MadeMan’s top of the line, simple to use products, men can easily reach immaculate cleanliness and peak confidence, while simultaneously helping make the world a better place.