Convicted Ponzi-schemer Bernard Madoff bragged to his estranged daughter-in-law how he's "quite the celebrity" and is being treated "like a Mafia Don" in prison.

The revelation came in after an interview on ABC News' 20/20 program on Friday, where daughter-in-law Stephanie Madoff Mack revealed a letter sent to her in response to one of her own.

Madoff is currently serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding thousands of investors of billions of dollars, considered the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Stephanie who blames Madoff for her husband's suicide, originally wrote the letter of family events he was missing due to his life sentence, to rub salt in his wounds.

"I thought that that would really sting him," Mack said, adding that her plan backfired.

Madoff's response was not what she expected.

"As for how I am doing here, I am doing O.K. I am lucky to have been sent to Butna which is considered to be the best and most laid back prison in the U.S. It has the look and feel of a college campus with lovely lawns and trees."

"I live in a dorm one story with 24 other guys with plenty of privacy. I can come + go pretty much as I please with no lock ups," he wrote.

"As you can imagine I am quite the Celebrity and am treated like a mafia Don. They call me either Uncle Bernie or Mr. Madoff," he wrote.

"I can't walk anywhere without someone shouting their greeting and encouragement to keep my spirits up," he added.

"It is much safer here than walking the streets of N.Y."

Bernie Madoff's Letter