Want a rocking costume for Halloween this year? Then you might want to follow Carly Paige on Facebook. Whether she’s turning herself into Lady Gaga or Einstein, the 26-year-old makeup artist’s transformations are stunning to behold. Each was made with ordinary makeup from the Sephora where she works in Montreal.

For each makeover, which takes about a day to create, Paige spends hours studying and perfecting every detail of her target’s visage… but have you ever wondered why some people excel at making disguises?

Carly Paige as Kim Kardashian. Credit: Carly Paige Makeup Carly Paige Makeup

Masks perpetuated throughout ancient civilizations — from Greece to Mesopotamia to North America — suggesting the art of concealment is innate to human culture. Along with satisfying ceremonial customs, disguises also offer a method for people to escape the social stresses of everyday life, according to some psychologists.

JohnnyDepp_Jack Sparrow
Paige as Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow. Credit: Carly Paige Makeup Carly Paige Makeup

“Our defenses are methods of disguise–ways of transforming what we find unbearable or transgressive into prosocial and meaningful ambition and fulfillment,” wrote clinical psychologist Dr. Bruce Poulsen in Psychology Today. “This masquerading of desire ensures that there is always the potential of another version of ourselves.”

Zombie. Credit: Carly Paige Makeup Carly Paige Makeup

For Paige, each makeover serves a more practical purpose; the former Concordia film school student hopes to one day break into the movie business.

Paige's Brother as Charlie Chaplain. Credit: Carly Paige Makeup Carly Paige Makeup

"It is so much fun and I get so excited thinking about which one I'm going to do next," Paige told the Daily Mail.