When you think back to middle school, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Feeling self-conscious in a prepubescent body (or full-on puberty for some)? Recess? Or that enormously awkward class when you learned the male and female reproductive systems? For some, that memory seems to fade rather quickly. Buzzfeed recently asked a group of adults to label diagrams of the male and female reproductive systems, and the results were uh… nuts. Not everyone was completely clueless, and those who struggled got creative. Who's to say? "Baby Brewer" might just make it into middle school science textbooks. Of the 17, here are a few, starting with Buzzfeed's correct diagram:

male and female anatomy
Buzzfeed's Adam Ellis presents a correctly labeled diagram for reference. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed
male and female anatomy 3
First male forgoes using anatomical terminology. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Other respondents might have stressed about recalling anatomical terminology, but not this one. He opted for playful euphemisms. While he correctly located male parts, the "baby brewer," or uterus, is a bit north of where he indicated. He got the clitoris right, though. "Pleasure Point (V. Important)," indeed, but for some women, not always. Fun fact: A recent study found women with small clitorises, which were also located farther from the vagina than other women, had trouble orgasming.

m,f anatomy 1
Male #3 refutes the existence of a prostate. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Third on the list, this anonymous male decided to bring religion into the picture. "Labia menorah"? Not quite. But he was on the right track. The opening to the vagina has the labia majora and minora. He's also perplexed by the idea of a prostate.

male and female anatomy 4
An anonymous female successfully locates the prostate, unlike many others, but seems to need a refresher on her own anatomy. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

This one is a bit alarming. Apparently, the female respondent urinates when aroused. She has general knowledge of the male reproductive system. Kudos for locating the prostate. Most males struggled or completely ignored it. The ovaries, however, just aren't the fallopian tubes.

For a reference to the Legend of Zelda (because that's relevant) and some other works of art, see the rest of the diagrams here.