Meet the latest weight loss tool that may have helped build the Egyptian pyramids.

Ok, that might be stretch, but use of The Malory Band has been dated back to the ancient Egyptian culture.

"The idea was around thousands of years ago but we have created it with a contemporary twist," said the creator of the weight loss string Penny Mallory.

So how can a cord stretched around your stomach encourage you to lose weight?

The Malory Band is essentially a reminder to not overeat or your waist line will expand, something you can literally feel. The band is tightly secured around abdominal area for the length of day, subtly reminding users if they've had too much to eat.

Mallory also stated, "It motivates the wearer to eat more healthily, eat less, stand tall and hold their abs in and helps the wearer getting any bigger, it's a constant gauge of size."

By keeping your posture in its intended upright position, the band provides less stress on joints, increased core strength and even a slimmer look.

People who have used the band say its best for monitoring the size of their stomach without a stressful diet or workout regimen.

39-year-old Catherine, featured on the company's website said, "Losing the weight was one thing, but learning to eat 'normally' again without putting the weight back on is a hard balance to achieve."

"The Malory Band has helped me to stop dieting while giving me the confidence that the weight does not have to return. If I overdo it, I know to moderate my diet for a couple of weeks until I am back on track again."

"I have been wearing it for 6 months now and have no intention of taking it off. It's my safety net."

The Malory Band can be purchased on its website at the current sale price of 24.95 euro, or 32.47 US Dollar, with sizes to fit most waist measurements.