Polyorchidism is a rare medical congenital disorder where a man has more than two testicles. Triorchidism is the most common type, where three testicles are present. There have also been reported cases of four testes. Until 2013, there were only 140 people on record having this anomaly.

One Reddit user decided to share his rare condition with the Internet under the name “GardenOfGandalf.” He waited until he was 18 years old so that fellow Redditors would not have to worry about being charged with possessing child pornography images.

Click Here For The Photo: [WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC]

In the majority of patients with polyorchidism, they remain asymptomatic. In some cases, there is scrotal pain and swelling. However, the most common complication is testicular torsion, where the spermatic cord twists and cuts off the blood supply to the testicle.

Being that polyorchidism is a congenital disorder, it occurs before birth and is a result of defective development. Currently, it remains unclear how best to manage patients with this rare condition. Some health care professionals believe that since there have not been many cases of polyorchidism, it should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Doctors have long debated conservative treatment or surgery based on the age of the patient, the reproductive potential, suspicion of malignancy, among other factors, according to an article in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences. Moreover, if there is no co-existing disorder or presence of any type of tumors that can be ruled out by an ultrasonography or MRI, then surgery or biopsies are deemed unnecessary.

“GardenOfGandalf” is not the first Reddit user to share his physical deformities. Earlier this year a man with diphallia, or two penises, made headlines with his graphic photos. Another Redditor, “TBoneTheOriginal” also shared the fact that he was born without a “butt crack”, suffering from severe pilonidal cysts.

Like these other Redditors, “GardenofGandalf” also promises to answer anyone’s questions about his condition on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything interview tomorrow.

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