A Florida man charged with axing a Connecticut homeless man to death and eating parts of his victim’s brains and eyeball has plead not guilty to murder.

Tyree Smith, 35, is a Florida resident who grew up in Ansonia, Conn., and was arrested in Lynn Haven, Fla., last month for Angel Gonzalez in Bridgeport on Dec. 15 for killing and eating parts of Gonzalez, police said, according to The Connecticut Post.

Smith had also waived right Monday to a probable cause hearing in Bridgeport Superior Court, by answering Judge Robert Devlin's questions with simple yes and no answers, the Post reported.

The victim’s relatives said that Smith deserves to spend his life behind bars.

Smith's Lawyer, Corrie-Ann Mainville had objected to the presence of TV news crews in the courtroom, but Judge Robert Devlin said that the court needs to have “a compelling reason” for not allowing cameras in the courtroom and that Smith’s case had “significant public interest”.

A city inspector had found Gonzalez’s decomposed body in an apartment building a month after the murder.

Talitha Frazier, Gonzalez's sister-in-law, reportedly said she believed that Smith and Gonzalez had known each other she thinks that the murder was premeditated.

"Angel told me that Tyree came to him a week before and threatened to kill him if he didn't pay Tyree the money he owed him," Frazier told the Post outside of the courtroom.

The two men had lived in the same apartment building, but in different apartments.

The Post reported that one of Smith’s Facebook status update on July 3 said: "Devouring your flesh. Smelling your bodies burn in a heap. ... I hate the day they created you filthy humans. There. Thats whats been on my mind since a child. Happy?"