Keith Gordon has definitely had his share of stares and it’s no surprise, since most of his body is covered in tattoos. And no, this isn’t a passion of his. Gordon blames his tattoos on his obsessive compulsive disorder, which he was diagnosed with over a decade ago.

Gordon, 58, suffers from extreme OCD, causing him to act out on uncontrollable impulses every few years, according to Barcroft TV. He said he wanted to reinvent himself as “'the coolest looking guy in Essex,” but the kicker is, Gordon once paid over $25K to remove tattoos he had gotten as a teenager.

The London man has also said that he wants to be an advocate for people who feel ostracized by society. “I would like to be a spokesperson for anyone suffering any persecution of any type for being body modified or having a different point of view then the norm," he told The Huffington Post by email.

However, he does admit that this behavior is a result of his condition. “OCD has completely ruled my life. I'm very obsessional," he said. "Once I get started on something I just get carried away. A lot of people look at me aggressively. They look almost saddened and angry but I don't understand why - it's me who's looking like this, not them. But I love the attention. I love being different and I love showing people that it is okay to be different."

Despite his family objections, Gordon hopes to get more tattoos. He also says that he hopes his tattoos will help him land a TV or movie role.

"I've had them done now so I may as well try and make them work for me," he told Barcroft TV.