Andrew Wardle, from the UK, was born with his bladder outside of his body. After a series of surgeries, and being given up by his mother and put up for adoption, things couldn't get any worse for the man. But he held a secret that he barely spoke to anyone about and drove him towards suicide at one point.

But a new surgery hopes to give him an entirely new penis that functions similarly to regular one, created with skin grafted from his forearm.

Growing up, Andrew had 15 surgeries to build a tube from his bladder so he could urinate normally. Because of all the surgeries and missed school days he was bullied in school, yet his ultimate secret would remain hidden.

Andrew then turned to drugs as a coping mechanism, taking ecstasy and LSD to deal with the psychological issues of being born without an important part of his body. He claims to have had slept with over 100 women, yet blamed the drugs he had taken on his inability to perform when in bed.

He didn't go to the doctor because he had been told nothing could be done, but two years ago he hit bottom and tried to overdose on pills. His sister brought him to the doctor that had performed many of his surgeries as a child and was told that there had been many advances in the field of reconstruction medicine.

Doctors will take a section of skin from his forearm and attach blood vessels and nerves in the first surgery. They will, in the subsequent two surgeries, connect the tubes from his reproductive system, in order to make ejaculation possible. He will use a pump in order to operate the implant and make it fully functional for intercourse.

He was encouraged last month by the story of Mohammed Abad, who had as similar procedure performed decades after he had lost his penis in a traffic accident at the age of six.