A 23-year-old man has made a miraculous recovery just five months after having his body dragged by a 15-ton truck. Though doctors expected that he would have brain damage and would never walk again, the young man has managed to make a full recovery.

Before the incident, Lewis Godfrey was a cable technician. On June 2, Godfrey was attacked by a cluster of men, who punched him in the face and pushed him into the road. Godfrey was dragged under the wheels of a 15-ton truck for a long stretch of road, as the driver of the vehicle was unaware that he had hit anyone.

The horrific accident caused a severe head injury. A ribbon of skin about a foot wide had separated from the rest of his body. His bowel was severely impacted, and his bladder lay on the street, separated from the rest of his body. His pelvis had been broken and all of the muscles on his upper right leg had been ripped from the rest of his body. He said his injuries were so severe that ambulance workers needed to hold his body together with a blanket.

By the time doctors arrived at the scene of the crime, Godfrey's heart stopped beating, and he was pronounced dead. But, in a miraculous reversal of fortune, Godfrey's heart came back to life.

The victory was short-lived, however. During Godfrey's time in an ambulance, his heart stopped beating once again.

Thankfully for Mr. Godfrey, his fortune changed once again. When he arrived at the hospital, a titanium plate was inserted into his head so that it would retain a normal shape. They stopped the bleeding and repaired much of the damage. Godfrey's surgery required a 34-person team.

Five months after Godfrey sustained his injuries, Godfrey has taught himself how to walk. The process was difficult at first, even lifting a fork was difficult.

Godfrey cannot even remember the horrific night that has changed his life, but he is not dwelling on the matter. "I'm lucky and my heart goes out to everyone single person that helped look after me," Godfrey said. "Without them I wouldn't be here today."