Onlookers stood horrified as they watched a man cut his own wrists in a bloody potential suicide attempt outside a Today show taping on Thursday.

Pak Chong Mar, 76, arrived at Rockefeller Center shortly before 8 a.m. carrying a sheaf of documents and wearing a dirtied, gray shirt and dark jeans. He began his tirade exclaiming, "The IRS ruined my life!" and "I'm not a freeloader," according to witnesses.

As no one paid any attention, his frustration swelled, eventually taking the sheaf of documents and throwing it high in the air. He pulled out a pocket knife.

"I'm going to cut myself," Pak declared.

He began to saw on one wrist before someone knocked the knife from Pak's hand. When he removed a second knife, a box cutter, to work on his other wrist, sources said city cop Joseph Lasala knocked him to the ground.

"He took him down like a sack of potatoes," a friend of Lasala's told The Daily News.

No charges will likely be filed against Pak, sources said, because he didn't injure anyone else during the incident.

Back at Bellevue Hospital, The News reported Pak's rants from his gurney, and that his jeans now contained splotches of blood and he wore bandages on both wrists.

"I had to do something desperate to fight the corruption, fight the IRS," Pak told a reporter at the hospital. "They are so powerful."

Pak told the story of how he emigrated to the United States from China in 1948, how he grew a small fortune buying stocks from money he made running a grocery store and working as a waiter, and how TD Ameritrade and Scottrade helped the IRS loot Pak's funds for nearly his entire net worth.

The News reported that Pak tried to plead with the reporter for help, promising him a "$50,000 cut if he got his money back."

Pak Chong Mar, a 76-year-old Queens native, was tackled by police after he slashed his wrists in a suicide attempt outside a "Today" show taping. [@SirAnduck via Twitter]

This wasn't Pak's first public stunt of self-harming. He also lost three fingers on his left hand — the result of a prior demonstration in the 90s.

"That's a long story," Pak said when prompted about the missing digits.

According to the police report, Pak's previous public self-injury took place at the Hong Kong Dragon Board Festival in Flushing, Queens in August 1995, when he began methodically chopping off his pinky, ring, and middle finger with a cleaver. He then tossed the severed fingers into the crowd.

Like Thursday's incident, Pak carried documents with him to support his cause — letters protesting the eviction from his Brooklyn apartment at the time.

Pak's daughter, who declined to give her name, sat by his gurney at the hospital. She shook her head solemnly.

"It's sad," she said. "We're just trying to figure things out."